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I never know what to write in bios.
I am over 18 - by a couple of years now :)
I'm a trainee teacher (well, I will be in two months) and I am so excited. :D
I try to be funny, not always very successfully.
I give writing a shot every now and again too.
I have relationship and men issues.
I post too many pictures of my cat and dog.
I like dresses.

What flavour? you ask.
Albus Severus/Scorpius

Rec me a gorgeous piece of art, a fabulous fic or some lovely meta, and I'll love you forever.

Here is a link to all the HP fic I have written so far.

I am friends only apart from my fic. Please, feel free to friend me. Unfortunately I wont be able to friend you back if your journal is in another language, or your journal is empty. ♥
Please do not link to any of my entries on facebook or twitter etc. Anonymity is the key here, people.

Recent fics
If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things, H/D, NC-17, 06/10. A Spoonful of Sugar, H/D, NC-17, 07/10.

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